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Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are the UK’s Premier Motoring Law Firm for drink driving offences in London.
Call Freephone 0203 819 6108 and you can discuss your options free of charge with one of our expert drink driving lawyers from the Geoffrey Miller team based in offices in London.
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Offices in the heart of the city. Representing clients throughout London Courts and beyond.
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Geoffrey Miller Solicitors offer our motor offence law services to clients across England and Wales. Our London office on Fetter Lane is ideally located for clients wishing to meet with us face to face.

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Drink Driving Solicitors London

Do you want to talk to the Drink Driving Solicitors who from 1st January 2015 until 21st December 2017…

WON 100% of our Drink Driving Blood cases!

WON 100% of our Drink Driving Urine  cases!

WON 100% of our Failing To Provide A Specimen cases!

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The Best Drink Driving Solicitors in London

glass red wine bottle red wine drink drivingGeoffrey Miller Solicitors are drink driving solicitors operating in London from our offices off Fleet Street at 1 Fetter Lane. However our location is probably less important to our clients than our expertise and skills in the niche area of motoring law. We are proud to be pioneers in drink drive law and motoring law matters with unrivalled statistics in successfully defending motoring prosecutions.

martini beer car keys drink drivingGeoffrey Miller Solicitors specialize in motoring cases. This is all that we do and over the years, we have developed driver defence strategies of which many other motor offence lawyers are unaware. Motoring law is a constantly evolving field and we know how important it is to strive to improve and develop our case strategies and our service options.

Call Our London Office

1 fetter lane london office of drink driving solicitors in london Want to know more about our services and how we can help you with your motoring law questions? Then get in touch for a free chat about how we can help. We often provide advice on the way forwards that differs to other motoring lawyers so if you have spoken to someone before us, yet you are still surfing the net perhaps you are not fully satisfied with the advice you received or it just doesn’t feel right. We are strong believers in the importance of noticing intuition and urge you to trust your instincts and seek a second opinion. You can call our London team on 0203 819 6108 or you can send an email or submit a web enquiry and we will get back to you in a flash!

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Drink Driving Solicitors London Case Expertise

In addition to our expertise in handling motoring cases, we have developed a knowledge and understanding of drink driving law that is in itself, a niche within a niche!

Our 2015 – 2017 London success rate (securing a Not Guilty verdict) in all drug and drink driving cases is 91% with a 100% success rate in drink driving blood, drink driving urine and failing to provide cases. Our high levels of success is something that continually leaves many other motoring lawyers scratching their heads. In fact, many clients choose to engage us to defend the charge despite being told by other lawyers that there is no option but to plead guilty.

We do not always defend clients facing drink driving charges. If facing a risk of a custodial penalty, you may be reassured to note that we have NEVER had a client sentenced to prison for drink driving.*

Our Managing Director’s reference to our drink driving statistics in this episode of BBC Breakfast  will hopefully convince you that we are without doubt, the market leaders in the field of drink driving law in London.

(* we have had a handful of clients sent to prison when they committed drink driving combined with disqualified driving and/or dangerous driving)

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The most powerful way to show our prospective clients how good we are at what we do is to let our previous clients tell you.
Here are a few comments from clients we have represented in drink driving related matters:


Geoffrey Miller provided a simply amazing service throughout which led to my case being acquitted. They responded to my call on a Sunday when he first trial was due on the Monday. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in a similar situation. They are very professional and thorough. They give you the piece of mind that everything is being done to give your case the best chances. Use them. You will not regret it and you won’t be disappointed. To me they were worth every penny.

drink driving solicitors croydon london

Mr M

Acquitted – Drink Driving – Croydon, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


Facing both a drink driving and a refusal to provide a specimen charge, I contacted Jeanette Miller and discussed my case who immediately gave me confidence of an alternative rather than facing the inevitable conviction during a highly stressful and worrying period. All through the daunting process of preparing a defence Tara Boyle handled my case with sensitivity and with the highest level of professionalism. Communication was impeccable throughout and the advice offered was extremely well informed and clearly described.

My defence Barrister in pre trial conference was exemplary in every respect and on the day of trial can only be described as unsurpassable in court where I subsequently received an acquittal on both charges. I am incredibly grateful to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors for their unreserved diligence in defending me and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who found themselves in the same position.

drink driving solicitors romford london

Mr McNicol

Acquitted – Drink Driving and Failing to Provide a Specimen – Romford, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


I had an accident with another car on my way back from work. I was coming back after a party. The other driver called the police and I was breathalysed for drink driving and was above the limit. I was then taken to the police station and they took two more breath tests which were positive. To confirm they took a blood test which was also above the legal limit. I was totally depressed. I approached Geoffrey Miller Solicitors and they handled the case so well that my case was dismissed.

drink driving solicitors ealing london

Mr Nair

Case Dismissed – Drink Driving Breath Case – Ealing, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


Dear Tara, Very many thanks to you and all your team. I obviously cannot thank you enough. You have done exactly what you said you would do and it is clear your drink driving success rates are hard earned and not just fantasy.

I was told by a top criminal London lawyer when I was charged that there was no point in challenging this and stared at a 9 month ban wreaking havoc with my work schedule and exorbitant insurance premiums to boot. I by chance stumbled on your company 2 days before trial when searching details of the impact of a ban and spent sentences etc. When I called you your professional and frank approach instilled confidence in me and I took the leap of faith. Thank god I did and thank you such much again.

Your number will never leave my side in the event that colleagues or friends may some day need it to.

All the very best!

drink driving solicitor uxbridge


Acquitted – Drink Driving – Uxbridge, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


Facing a tough drink driving case, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were able to structure, manage and execute a winning argument and gain a result at the end. The service from start to finish, was second-to-none and I would recommend anyone to use Geoffrey Miller Solicitors if they need a law firm who really does care about each case and most importantly gets results.

drink driving solicitors westminster london

Mr Whitehouse

Acquitted – Drink Driving – Westminster, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


My son had a car accident and was found to be over the limit when the police arrived. I found Geoffrey Miller Solicitors through an online search and wondered whether they could really be as effective as they sounded – they are in fact even better! Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are black belts at what they do – they achieve phenomenal results, they do it in the most professional and efficient way, and were a pleasure to deal with during what was a very stressful time. They were so reassuring, they were totally non-judgemental it was about facts and processes and procedures. If you have a problem of this nature, don’t make any more mistakes, just hire Geoffrey Miller Solicitors – it is the very best chance you have of getting the mess you are in sorted.

drink driving solicitors tottenham london

Emma R

Case Dropped – Drink Driving Breath Case – Tottenham, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


In my case of being charged with drink driving there really didn’t seem to be much hope. Losing my license would have been a huge blow, being self-employed and needing to drive as part of my work. I contacted Geoffrey Miller Solicitors after finding them online and without a referral. I wasn’t sure what to think about claims to save your license in such cases. That is exactly what they did. They saved my license and my livelihood.

drink driving solicitors hatfield london

Mr D Wallace

Not Guilty – Drink Driving Urine Case – Hatfield, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


In a flash you realise how that stable world you worked so hard to build comes crashing down when charged with drink driving. Luckily Geoffrey Miller Solicitors and their team of professional motoring lawyers were on hand to both calm your nerves and guide you so carefully and caringly through the whole ordeal towards a positive result. Thank you Vicky for saving my life!

drink driving solicitors willesden london

Mr K.R.K.

Not Guilty – Drink Driving Blood Case – Willesdon, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


Last year I found myself in need of some help. I had been arrested for drink driving. A friend recommended Geoffrey Miller Solicitors; she herself had used this company with fantastic results. Straight away they were easy to talk to and I felt I could trust them. I was very worried and anxious as my job involved a lot of driving.

Well I can only say that Geoffrey Miller Solicitors was very professional and yet friendly, efficient and understanding. It was as if they took all my worries and stress from me and placed them on their own shoulders. I can not recommend them enough, they guided me through the whole process.

Thankfully, I won my case for drink driving and can carry on with my job. I will always appreciate what Geoffrey Millers did for me. I am a happy lady.

drink driving solicitors hendon london


Not Guilty – Drink Driving – Hendon, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


I was charged with drink driving with reading of 42mg. I was very worried as driving is very essential for me and also if I was to lose my personal licence. I spoke to few law firms searching them on google. When I contacted Geoffrey Miller they were so confident so I decided to go with them. My case was handled by Victoria Brennan. She was very good. Couple of times I was down thinking of the case but she was so confident and optimistic. I don’t understand all the paperwork part they did. But one thing for sure they know what they are doing. Since day one I had trusted them and they didn’t disappoint me in any matter. On the day of the trial my barrister did a great gob and my case was dismissed. Thank you to you all.

drink driving solicitors stratford

Mr N Sharma

Case Thrown Out – Drink Driving – Stratford, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


Geoffrey Miller Solicitors made it clear from that start that I had a chance of being acquitted on my alleged marginally over the limit case, and proved it with the result received today when the court found a lack of evidence and disclosure by the prosecution. I was very well represented in court by my barrister.

drink driving solicitors bromley testimonial


Acquitted – Drink Driving – Bromley, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


I am very pleased with the efforts Geoffrey Miller Solicitors and Victoria Brennan put into my case. I was in the very bad situation which would result in possible huge complications with my immigration status as the result of drink driving conviction, which in my mind was completely bogus. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors worked really hard which resulted in CPS being unable to gather any credible evidence to convict me. I would recommend Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to anyone with motoring offences. If you feel that your case is set in stone and the conviction is inevitable, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors would likely to help you.

drink driving solicitors wimbledon

Mr Z

Case Dropped – Drink Driving – Wimbledon, London

five star drink driving solicitors london


From the very first time I spoke to my caseworker at Geoffrey Miller, I knew this was THE ONLY firm that was really listening and understood my problem. All the staff at Geoffrey Miller are wonderful and very professional. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors answered all my calls if not they would always call back and never rushed the calls at all. I was kept informed and updated all the time by them and never felt alone. The whole team at Geoffrey Miller should be so proud of themselves, they are a very strong, dedicated firm of solicitors. George was absolutely brilliant he would really listen and you could talk to him about how you are feeling. On the day of my trial, it was an absolute pleasure watching my trial advocate argue the prosecution to secure my acquittal. Without Geoffrey Miller I would not be where I am today, acquitted. As for recommending Geoffrey Miller Solicitors? If you are serious about defending your motoring offence then Geoffrey Miller are the only firm to represent you. Thank you once again to everyone at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors.

drink driving solicitors hammersmith

Mr R Raj

Acquitted – Drink Driving – Hammersmith, London

five star drink driving solicitors london
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You are welcome to make contact with our clients yourself as we have developed a unique interactive ‘Ref Me’ checking service. Get in touch with any number of our previous clients to see whether they were glad they placed their fate in our hands!

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